Rooter Services

What are rooter services?

What is Rooter Service? Rooter Service originated because roots where the main culprit in old plumbing clogs.  Property owners needed something to cut through the blockage.  Several versions of a hand held snake, a long cable with cutting blades on the end were fabricated early in the twentieth century.

In 1934 Samuel Blanc, took one of these cables a step further and attached the other end to the motor of his wife’s washing machine.  Samuel had created the first Drum Auger which his wife named “The Roto Rooter”.  By the time he received his patent, two other machines also received a patent; The Royal Street Sewer Cleaning Machine and a small kitchen size “Niard” (Drain spelled backwards).  Rooter service was a new and booming business.

Sam Blanc pushed his machine name hard and promoted it along with other services.  Drain cleaning simply started to be called; Rooter.  Therefore, Rooter Service was born.

Today roots aren’t as common a nuisance as they were in the early days of plumbing, but still are a big problem.  Buildings that were constructed say, 50 years ago or longer, can be subject to roots in their drains.  The reason for this is the style of pipes used.  Old original plumbing were either clay or cast iron drain pipes.  Basically, these pipes had a male and female end.  They were slid together with hopefully a bonding agent to make the seal water tight.  However, over the years as the ground has shifted, contracted and expanded, those connections are not so water tight anymore.  They may not even be broken or separated at all, simply a microscopic hole may have opened up.  Now a root finds its way into that hole and runs wild.  That one little hole can give that root an opening to enter a root’s dream environment.  Moisture, dark, warm, that root is in heaven and grows accordingly.